meet the artist

Hello there! I’m Gustyawan, an illustrator with roots in the enchanting land of Indonesia. 🌴✨

My heart beats to the rhythm of laughter, and my pencils dance to its tune. From mischievous monkeys juggling coconuts to grinning sunflowers doing the cha-cha, I find joy in creating art that tickles the funny bone. 🎨😄

As a kid, I wielded pencils like wands, conjuring up worlds where clouds wore polka dots and trees whispered secrets. Those blank pages were my canvas, and my imagination knew no bounds. Now, as a grown-up (though my inner child still wears mismatched socks), I continue to chase rainbows with my trusty sketchbook. 🌟📝

Come explore my portfolio, where whimsy meets wonder. Whether it’s a giggling giraffe or a pun-loving pineapple, I’m here to sprinkle joy across pixels & paper. 🎈🌟

Remember, life is too short for serious faces—let’s add a dash of humor to every stroke! 🎨✨

Feel free to browse my work and share a chuckle or two. Cheers to creativity and endless smiles! 🌈🎉