Background Story

I've been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. However, a point came when I felt the need to enhance my skills, leading me to pursue a Master's in PR. Little did I know, the corporate world had its own criteria, and despite my credentials, the lack of "experience" became a hurdle in my job search.

As mentioned in a previous post, the covid pandemic and lockdown was a very hard time for me. Around this time, I also discovered the magical world of web3, when I purchased my first NFT, the Meta-Pigeon. Simply put, it changed my life. I sold it to finance the production and marketing of my books, and now, I'm ironically back full circle.

Our genesis collection, Cashew Gets a Job, isn't just about great art; it's an entry into Cashew's Corner—a community focused on adding value to holders while building. It's about networking with like-minded individuals, gaining priority access to future drops, unlocking opportunities from other communities, and empowering creators. But that's not all; we're working on a top-secret project aimed at helping everyone!

-who knows, maybe we'll get jobs 

No VC. No celebrities. But everyone loves a good underdog story, right?


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