about the founder

Alex, a resilient individual, found solace in writing during challenging times. Faced with difficulties in securing employment during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the added burdens of lockdown and the loss of his beloved dog, he turned to writing as an escape. What began as whimsical notes and doodles in a notebook transformed into an inspirational story that has the potential to resonate with and assist others on their own journeys.

In addition to his literary endeavors, Alex nurtures a deep passion for the sneaker culture and Web3. As a co-host of the Sneaker Box Show, a podcast dedicated to the world of sneakers, Alex shares his enthusiasm and knowledge. Additionally, he maintains a personal blog where he delves into topics related to sneakers and NFTs, his two passions.

With a solid background in public relations, marketing, and content creation, Alex's experiences align seamlessly with his love for storytelling and connecting with audiences. He graduated from MSU with a Master's degree in Public Relations, further fueling his enthusiasm for effective communication and brand management. Although he resides in the Midwest, his mission is to inspire and spread positivity worldwide, with Cashew's help, of course!

Alex "Dunks" Shifman