Cashew is building on Solana! 🚀

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am excited to share some updates. We have expanded the team, and Cashew has officially chosen her home! Cashew Gets a Job will be building on the Solana network. This journey has been fueled by perseverance and creativity, and we are eager to continue our story on Solana.

Our Story, Our Journey:

I've always been an entrepreneur at heart, but like many, I faced setbacks and challenges along the way. But amidst the chaos, I discovered the magical world of Web3. Purchasing my first NFT was a turning point—it ignited a spark within me and changed my life forever. Selling it to finance the production and marketing of my books brought me full circle, leading to the creation of Cashew Gets a Job: Digital Collectibles.

From Adversity to Opportunity:

Cashew Gets a Job isn't just about great art—it's about turning adversity into opportunity, implementing lessons learned from other communities, and exploring our creative sides. It's about sharing my story, art, and helping others tell theirs. But above all, it's about building a community of like-minded individuals, empowering creators, and spreading positivity in the world.

What's Next:

Our mission is simple yet profound: to create a community centered around dope art, storytelling, and empowerment. But that's not all—get ready for some bonus added utility, because who doesn't love IP rights + plushies? (Yes, airdrops, too!)

Join Our Community:

If you resonate with our mission and want to be part of something special, I invite you to join our community.Whether you're a creator, collector, flipper, just looking for community, or simply someone who believes in the magic of dreams, there's a place for you here.

Get in Touch:

Have ideas for collaborations? Want to join our whitelist or learn more about our Web3 initiatives? Reach out to us—we'd love to hear from you!


Social Media Handles: @cashewgetsajob                                                         


**P.S. Feel free to shoot over your "resume" as we will be hand selecting entries for WL.**