Cashew Collaborations & Contests

Throughout this journey, we have received an overwhelming amount of support. Though we announced our Web3 endeavors in January, we have previously received support from projects such as SneakerHeads and Seizon. More recently, as we've ventured into the digital realm, we had the opportunity to collaborate with  A Kid Called Beast and StapleVerse on promo and give-aways. Our engagement with various communities and collaborations shows a commitment to building connections and exploring new opportunities in the digital space.

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In the midst of everything, Cashew also submitted her entry for the Macy's x Cool Cats "Color Me Cool" contest, which can be found below:

  • View the end result here.

April and May have been packed with exciting updates, give-aways and collabs, and we have some more fun and interactive experiences we hope you will find rewarding coming soon!

If there are any communities you'd like to see us work with, please share on Discord, and if you represent a community directly, Dunks is currently acting as our collab. manager.

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